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Welcome to the "I went to law school" page!

But in all seriousness, in the age of fair use, everyone needs to explicitly state their permissions. Here is a statement for permission of use of any material created by anoyo / pyrrhical / approximatelytrue / Liz (hereafter known as "me," "my," or "mine"). This permissions statement does not apply to works by others that have been archived on this site. For those materials, please contact the individual creators. Again, this permissions statement only applies to materials created by me, regardless of where you find them.

Reproduction: Please do not reproduce my work without permission. You can very easily email me. Just ask. That said, you do not have my permission to reproduce my work on sites such as Goodreads. Any material I find that was posted without my consent will be met with a complaint to the organization, website, or server owner.

Remix / Sequel / Spin-Off: Blanket permission is granted for you to take my creations and remix them, write sequels (or prequels) or spin-offs, or otherwise reuse my characters / plots / devices / narrative style. This does not mean copy and pasting my work into your own. This means creating your own work based on mine. I'd love it if you'd let me know if you did it, because I'd enjoy reading it (and also am likely to link back to you from the original), but if you don't, that's your choice.

Podfic / Fanmix / Video / Fanart: Blanket permission is granted for you to take my creations and record them as podfic, create fanmixes or fanart for them, or to reimagine them as fan videos. Again, I'd love it if you let me know, since I find all of these things super cool, but if you don't, that's your choice. Fanart does apply here to icons, picspams, and manipulations, as well as original art.

My Photos: You do not have permission to use my photos, either the ones taken by me or taken of me, for anything. Please contact me to ask if you may do so. The tree picture featured on the main page, as well as used as the site icon, was taken by me, and may not be reproduced in any capacity. It is not a stock photo.

Opinions: My opinions are not fact. My fiction is not fact. You may choose to cite it, or credit it as such, but I make no statement indicating that any of my opinions or fiction are meant to be construed as factual information.

Email: While my email is readily available here, please do not offer it, or any other pieces of my contact information, to anyone without seeking my permission first. Even if you've found my long-lost twin.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, I do not own the source material for any of the fannish creations on this site, and as such, am not making any profit on them. If at any time the legal owners of said source material would like me to remove it, I would ask that they contact me and I will do so.

The Archive: If I find work taken from the Archive on this site has been uploaded elsewhere, I will be so much more pissed than if you had taken my own work, so seriously, do not do that.

Other: If there is something you think I haven't touched on, or isn't clear, please just contact me and I'll answer your question or add that information.