Welcome to Approximately True

And here will be a sticky post describing the site, and each of the users, and fun stuff like that. Woohoo. The end. Draft: This is the blog and website for Liz, human, human, and human. How does this work? Everyone shares this blog on the main page, and then scurries off to do their own thing on their subdomains. Liz’s site, Webpage name (link), features blah, blah, and blah…


Comment on this with what you want me to say about you, what you want the link to your site to say (boywonder/sylvermyth/toukaid28, Tim/Mel/Danny, whatever), and a short blurb on what you’ll be posting/hosting on that site. If you’re going to give your subdomain site a name (which you obviously should), comment with that, too.